We could not be writing the second chapter for Harbor Day School without celebrating and recognizing its first chapter. Hundreds of families and nearly 2,200 alumni graduated from the 1972 campus. It is the ‘home’ referenced in Always Home: The Campaign for Harbor Day, and it served our faculty and students to its utmost capacity for 50 years.

The Moiso Activities Center hosted nearly every performance and parent gathering, the Qvale Art Center and Harrington Woodshop paved the way for the Linden Arts & Sciences Building, and the Best Family Classroom addition and the Blass Gymnasium served students for more than 20 years. The Blue-Gold Track Meet came alive on the Irvine Field each year, and we are grateful to the many more families who supported our school and community through the construction of these spaces.

In our second chapter and Phase II building, we will continue to recognize these historic families and spaces. We honor their contributions as essential foundations to our present, and they are forever a part of Harbor Day’s history.

Image: Building Plans for Original Schoolhouse, ca. 1969Building Plans for Original Schoolhouse, ca. 1969

Image: Class of 1972Class of 1972

Image: Library, ca. 1973Library, ca. 1973

Image: Grandparents' Day, 1981Grandparents' Day, 1981

Image: School Assembly, 1981School Assembly, 1981

Image: Blue-Gold Track Meet, ca. 1986Blue-Gold Track Meet, ca. 1986

Harbor Day School
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