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Leila and Adel Aali
Alexandra and Alan Airth
Scott and Janis Allen
Ginger and Tony Allen
Kathleen and Fred Allen
Kenneth Alston
Ken Alston
Todd Anderson
Anne-Marie Angeloff
Anne-Marie Angeloff
Anne-Marie Angeloff
Danny Angeloff
Melody and Frank Antilla
Katie Stemler Ashbrook
Bob and Gayle Bakshi
Apoorva and Sharad Bansal
Emily Barker
Sally '87 and Aaron Bartz
Alia and Rami Batniji
Olivia and Ludwig Baumgartner
Julia and Robert Beaton
Noelle and Jon Becker
Shelley '75 and Philip Belling
Karla Kraft and Anderee Berengian
Karla Kraft and Anderee Berengian
Pierre Bergougnan
Marcus Berry
Joel & Chelsea Block
Aline and Santino Blumetti
Teresa Young and Paul Boschetto
Annie and Jeff Bower
Annie Bower
Bradley Stone'01
Jessica Brigulio
Colin Browne
Suzi '75 and Brian Burke
Trisha Burke
Jody and Scott Burnham
Lauren Buth
Nicole and Dean Camaras
Violeta Cambra
Our school has a wonderful mission that will positively impact generations to come.
Megan Carter
Susan and Robert Case
Emily and Paul Casey
Kristen Nassif and Michael Cavner
Christine Cawthon
Brittany and John'03 Chapman
Jennifer'98 and Matthew'97 Chapman
Marty and David Chapman
Kaqi Tang and Patrick Chen
Linda Chiao
Brian Huang and Min Cho
Anna-Marie and Brian Claassen
Michael & Pamela Coleman
Pam and Mike Coleman
Brian Coleman
DPR Construction
Merve and Chris Costanzo
Rosa Crichton
Nicole and Michael Cudzil
Justine Cuneo
Katie Curci
Amy Paul and Mark Czepiel
Michelle and Tim Danaher
Barbara and Tad Danz
Lesly Davenport
Lesly and John Davenport
William Davenport
Christina Davenport
Molly and Tom Davin
Cameran and Josh Davis
Laurie and Jeff DeSantis
Jeff DeSantis
Elizabeth and Ryan Decker
Tamara and Jeff Deckey
Mahsa Mahmoudi and Ali Dinan
Sara and Lance Dixon
Sara Dixon
Jackie & Tim Dollander
Mackenzie Dollander
Yan Dong
William & Andria Dostert
Kaitlyn Dostert
Stacy and Dana Dowers
Trish Olson and Tim Downs
Holly Dugan
Fanny and Jan Eckermann
Austin Ellis
Kelly and Andrew Ellis
Hayden and Curtis Ellmore
Reesa and Hirad Emadi
Jessica Escobar
Angi and Peter Evans
Sally Evans
Charles Evans
Diana and Gareth Evans
The Sabaugh and Ukropina Families
Aali Family
The Sabaugh Family
We are so very happy to be a part of this amazing community!
Schumacher Family
Our kiddos are happy!
The Trane Family
Patti and Richard Taketa Family
The Ponoroff Family
Chen/Huang Family
The Malikowski Family
Wein Family
In honor of Gigi and Koby Bryant
The Gyulay Family
Dottie and Bill Feeney
Gina and Luke Feltham
Edward Fike
Mei-Chi and Greg Flesher
Debbie and Tom Foster
Danielle and Matthew Foster
The Suzanne and Richard Wagner Charitable Foundation
Peter and Ginny Ueberroth Family Foundation
Kristi and Paul Fraley
Staci and Ben Francois
Tracy and Steve Friedmann
Cynthia and Stephen Fry
Gary Fudge
Vicki and Jim Furey
James & Caroline Gapp
Joanne and Denny Geiler
Mary and Richard Godber
Whitney and Michael Gomez
Isabel Gomez
Alexandra Gomez
Charles Gomez
Kristen and Brian Gooding
Amy Grace
Jackie and Clint Graham
Caroline and Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray
Jenny and Jeff Gross
William Gross
Project Development Group
Dillan Grover
Karina Grover
Nina Grover
Davin Grover
Sudhir and Abha Gupta
Ankmalika Gupta
Ankmalika Gupta
Great progress
Mark H.Rowe
Jenine Esmail and Samer Habbas
Terry Hackett
Hadley Burnham'01
Sue and John Hagestad
Julie and David Hahn
Freida Hall
Katy '96 and Doug Hanke
Amy and Chet '84 Harrison
Rose Helm
Robert and Danielle Henry
Roh O Hill
Douglas Hirsh
Faculty member 1971-74. Fond memories.
Douglas Hirsh
I was a faculty member from 1971-74 and continue to have great memories of the faculty members and students. The programs offered at HDS are exceptional and I continue to support the mission of HDS.
Douglas Hirsh
Have very vivid memories of my time at HDS. Still marvel at how good Pati Beard was in volleyball and how John Rainey and I got lunch from students who didn't like what was packed for them.
Meghan and Andrew Hoffman
Casey Hogan
Lisa Hogan
Kristi and Bryan Hogsett
Cait and Ross Holland
Lisa Hogan and Griffin Hoover
Maggie and Jon Horne
Michelle and David Horowitz
Cindy Huang and Ted Hsu
Yvonne Li and Ming Hu
Kathryn Hunter
Sarah Hussain
Hutton McKenna'08
Frank S. Smith Masonry, Inc.
Emily and Jeff Irwin
Thank you for all you do!
Nanci and Jim Irwin
Mira and Mike Jafar
Guoxin Jia
Nithin Jilla
Ying Zhou and Jiansheng Jin
Guy Johnson
Susan Johnson
Susan'88 FS and Sean Johnson
Jennifer and Brandon'96 Johnson
Brynn Johnson
Caitlyn Johnson
Lindsay and Lance Jordan
Nicole and Steve Joseph
Deena and Jim Warmington, Jr.
John Davenport, Jr.
Trent Junkin
Stephanie and Kevin Kaberna
Hagan Kappler
Liz and Keith Katkin
Ryan Katkin
Mina and Mustafa Kazem
Caren & Brian Kelly
HDS is awesome!
Iram and Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan
HDS provides a firm foundation both in character and academics to build a future life of success.
Danyel Khan
Ava Khan
Liz and John Kirkowski
Lauren and Marc Kleiman
James and Sally Knapp
Thomas Knapp
Wilson Knapp
James Knapp
Jillian and Robert Knapp
Vida and Greg Knapp
Elizabeth (Libby) Knight
Landon Knight
Gerry & Sally Korkin
In honor of Kerri & Danny Ssonenshine
We support the organizations, especially educational, that is important to our children and grandchildren.
Ariane Moshayedi and Matthew Krasinski
Kim and Jason Krotts
Tiffany Kwai-Dong
Linda Lai
We love Harbor Day - it will always feel like home and family.
Amy Laurendeau and Christopher Lal
Amy Laurendeau and Christopher Lal
Jill Mather and Daryl Landy
Casey Lange
Marianne and Thomas Larkin
Alison and Brett Ledger
Ellen and David Lee
Debra Devine Lee
The Devine family sends love to HDS ❤️
Jeffrey and Margery Lewis
Kimberly and Robert Lewis
Vivien Liu and Joe Li
Taylor'98 and Brinson Lingenfelter
Julia Lingenfelter
We are so proud of the progress our kindergarten grandchild has made this year. As a former teacher, I was impressed with all the work shown in her classroom and halls, I do appreciate being invited to grandparents day early enough to make flight plans. I will attend next year, too. Awesome program and tour!!
Esther and Chris Lopez
Natalia Sans and Daniel Zahoul Lopez
Sophie and Philip Lu
Iris Lu
Such an honor to support!
Eric Lu
Go Gold, Boo Blue
Justin Lu
Go Gold, Boo Blue 2
Chelsea and Casey Lynch
Joyce-Anne '91 and Ryan Mahoney
Joel Maki
Lauren and Brian Manfred
Robyn Manion
John and Candy Marder
Angela and Jon Margolis
Bonnie and Murray Margolis
Jacqueline Mars
Kim and Leigh Martin
Pamela and Chris Massey
Kimberly and Farzad Massoudi
Kimberly Massoudi
Kelsey McCallister
Andrea and Mark McCardle
Jessica and Matthew McCormick
Kathleen McCrickerd
Joe McCurdy
Grandparents Day and your outstanding teachers are remarkable!
Kathy and Joe McCurdy
Lauren'99 and Michael McDonald
Cindy and Michael McKee
Jeri and Danny McKenna
Dina Mead
In honor of Janis Allen
Samantha Meek
Neda Mehr
Celeste Martin Melehan
In memory of Joseph Patrick Melehan
Melisa'94 and Chris Melling
Erin and Todd Meyer
Amy and Shawn Meyer
David Moatazedi
Happy to contribute!
Sean Mohtashami
Semira & Mark Moshayedi
Bianca Mossman
Sophia Mossman
Magee Mudge
Melissa and Mike Mullane
Thank you Harbor Day for the priceless gifts you have given my family.
Macey Mullane
Cooper Mullane
Jamie'96 and Martin Mumford
Nina Prasad and Ryan Murphy
Nancy and Rick Muth
Marianne and Jim Nahin
Susan and Kit Natland
Kit and Susan Natland
Laurel and John Nelligan
Darlene and Brian Nelligan
Diane and Richard Nelson
Rick & Miranda Nelson
Can't wait to see the finished product!
Jennifer and Brian Niccol
Lisa and Terry O'Neil
Sarah Oliphant
So glad to be a part of Harbor Day!
Kay and Jim Olsen
Adriana and Eric '90 Olsen
Lindsey Ensign Olson'01 and Kyle Olson
Diane and Jeffrey Osborn
Sylvanda and Cesar Padilla
Heather Paff
Rupali and Vijay Pai
Sherry and Doug Pak
Hayley and Michael Palazzola
Mike & Renee Pallera
We love our school and our teachers!
Dan Paolone
Alan and Angela Parkin
Ady and Joshua Parks
Barbara and Tom Peckenpaugh
Cari and Chad Peets
Rowdie Peets
Emma Peets
Catherine Peets
Kristin and Rob Pelinka
Bernadette and Bob Peterson
Andy and Jaime Peykoff
Khanhvy Phan
Sonali & Rogelio Pier
Kelly Piercey
Olivia and Lukas Pieter
Sharona and Jonathan Pirnazar
Jake Pirnazar
Ethnea and Briggs'85 Porter
Ledford Powell
Helga Pralle
Sachi Price
In honor of Valerie Feyka'95
Kristina and Ryan Rattet
Alexa Reddin
Matthew & Aimy Rehm
In honor of Liam (‘27) and Xander (‘28) and for Henry’s (‘36) future at HDS! Thank you for all that you do!!
Ginger and Don Ressler
Jean-Paul Rimlinger
Cate and Dan Robinson
Cate and Dan Robinson
Jenny and Jesse Rodriquez
Beth and Alex Root
Neda and Babak Roshdieh
Kevin C. Rowe
Sean H. Rowe
Lurie and David Royal
Dayna Sable
Tina and Ehsan Sadri
Cynthia Schwarz and Prakash Sakraney
James Salter
Heather Schmid
Suzanne and Robert Searles
Dani Gold Sellers and Ed Sellers
Barbara Sharkey
Kristen Statton and Jatin Sharma
Sara Sheen
Jim and Ginny Shelton
Brooke '93 and Chris '96 Shepherdson
Jamie and Jamie Shepherdson
Whitney and Grant Shifflett
Elena '93 and Jeff Singletary
Jeff Singletary
Elliott Singletary
Turner Singletary
Veronica and Evan Slavik
Glenys and Jim Slavik
Amber and Tim Smith
Kevin P. Smith
Kerri and Danny '87 Sonenshine
Sheila and Ygal Sonenshine
Allyson and Coby '84 Sonenshine
Sarah Sonenshine '20
Tobey Sonenshine
Maggie Sonenshine
Solomon Sonenshine
Alex Stamires
Terri and Bill Stampley
Jessica and Ryan '88 Steelberg
Chad Steelberg
Polly and Paul Stemler
Robert and Janet Stemler
Whitney & Phil Stemler
Peter Stemler
Debbi and Brian Stern
Lance & Morgan Stern
Leslie and Jason Stern
Blake Stern
Logan Stern
Kyle Stern
Meggen Stockstill
Harbor Day gives our students a complete, well-rounded education with a rigorous and exciting curriculum in a nurturing, family environment. I am proud to be on the faculty and to support its mission.
Ani and Reed Stoecker
Stacy and Jeffery Stone
Julie and Clayton'99 Stone
Bradley and Allison Stone
Clayton and Julie Stone
Gregory and Jaimee Stone
Scott Stone
LPA Design Studios
Audrey and James Sun
Bonnie Lee and James Sung
Alicia and Aaron Suplizio
Aaron and Alicia Suplizio
Elisabeth and Eric Swope
Eric and Elisabeth Swope
James and Andrea Tai
Alexandra and Rick '86 Taketa
Sierra Taketa
Thank you for a great year and beautiful campus! - Sierra
Skylar Taketa
I love the new campus. And, I am excited for all the younger students to enjoy it. Thank you teachers and HDS! - Skylar
Danielle and Phillip Talleur
Shantanu & Ganga Tantuwaya
In honor of Liam, Xander, and Henry Rehm
We are very proud of the caring, sweet, and nice young men our Grandsons, Liam and Xander, have become. We wish them the greatest success. Thank you to Harbor Day School.
Ayesha and Afnan Tariq
Shannon and Byron Tarnutzer
Laura and Greg Tennant
Laura and Greg Tennant
Stacey and Marc Thomas
Stephanie and Stephen Thorp
Sarah Thorp
Nicole Thorp
Robin and Tip Tippett
Laurel and Scott Tippett
Caitlin'90 Pickart and Anil Tiwari
Cara and Bradley Todd
Nicole and Scott Townes
Sheila Swaroop and Ashok Tripathi
Sonali '22 and Leela '25 Tripathi
Dr. Shambhu and Shanti Tripathi
Gene and Yoko Tsai
Leanne Huang and Anthony Tsai
Jill Johnson and Larry Tucker
Simon Tumansky
Mary Lynn and Rusty Turner
Polly and Joe Ueberroth
Pamela Horowitz and Rolf Uitzetter
Pamela Horowitz and Rolf Uitzetter
Peter & Dru Vanderburg
Gregory and Jennifer Vanderburg
Laura and Tim Vanderhook
Christi and Tom Veal
Tina and Shep Wainwright
Jeff and B Walbridge
Moujan Walkow
HDS has been and continues to be a place that feels like home to me and my family, and I look forward to its continued success!
Christine and Tony Wang
Sherry Wang
Jane and Steven Wang
Steven & Jane Wang
Shea Ward
Ryan Ward
Jennie and Scott Watson
Stephanie and Todd Watts
Jordan and Wes Webb
Erika Wein
Lindsay'01 and Bart Welch
Jessica and Eric'94 Werner
Candice and Travis Whitten
Candice and Travis Whitten
Megan & Kristofer Wilks
Elizabeth and Spencer Williams
Darren Williams
In honor of Payton ('14) and Sloane ('24) Williams
Looking forward to the opening of phase two.
Alivia (Mazura) & Ryan Williams
Julie and Justin Wilson
Betsy Winkelman
Sandra and Ray Wirta
Sandra Wirta
Vanna Yi and C.K. Wong
Andrew Wood
In honor of Gary Skwarcynski
Stephanie Workman
Mandy '92 and James Wynn
Leslie Yagar
I love teaching at Harbor Day School!
Hanci and Kuan Yang
Hanci Song and Kuan Yang
Sophia and Eugene Yim
Christine Choe and Art Yoon
Jack Yoshida
Violet Yoshida
Jen & Jamie Yoshida
Jenny and Marshall Young
John Young
Yue Wang and Yang Yue
Peggy and Mohsen Zahedi
Peggy Zahedi
Courtney Zarrilli
Zack Zarrilli
Allan Zhang
Danni Wang and Jason Zhao
Annie Zhu and Davis Zhou
Sharon Ziglar
So glad that Katie and Matthew were able to receive such an amazing start in their education !!
Grace Yum Zimmermann and Kent Zimmermann
Margarita donnelly
Jo pickard
John and kristin rowe
Anne and val stiefel
Harbor Day School
Attn: Olivia Baumgartner, 3443 Pacific View Drive, Corona del Mar, CA 92625
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